Highland Palms Board of Directors

President: Jamie Elliott

Vice-President: Kearney Bothwell

Secretary-Treasurer: Barbara Ryder

Common Grounds Director: Lizzie Latka

Clubhouse Director:

Election to the Board is an example of representative democracy in action as each Director is elected at-large to represent and protect the interests of all Members of the Association, without regard to any faction or group within the Association.

Each is elected for a two-year term, with two Directors being elected at the Annual Meeting in odd-numbered years and three Directors elected at the Annual Meeting in even-numbered years. Following their election, the new Board meets in open session to select from among its ranks a President, a Vice President, a Secretary-Treasurer, a Clubhouse Director responsible for the main Clubhouse and its associated amenities and a Common Grounds Director responsible for all other Common Grounds, including the golf course and the golf clubhouse.

Each officer serves at the pleasure of the Board and can be replaced at any time by a majority vote of the Board, although they remain a Director as, with very limited exceptions, a Director can be removed from office only by a Membership vote.